Deliver the best coaching to your clients

Deliver the best coaching

As a professional coach, you want to achieve the best for your clients. Coaching supervision gives you the space you need to reflect on your practice and take the steps you need to become even more effective.

We understand the many different issues that emerge in coaching sessions. And we know that it’s important for you to process these. To have supportive conversations with someone who really understands coaching and how it works.

Our approach

Gil Schwenk has extensive experience providing coaching supervision and training coach supervisors. Gil was a faculty member on worlds’ first and foremost coach supervision training provided by Bath Consultancy Group. He teaches on Henley Business School Supervision training. He held several senior leadership roles at European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK (EMCC).

Through skilled dialogue, creative interventions and collaborative learning Gil supports you to strengthen and improve all areas of your practice. Whether it’s around ethical dilemmas, how to work with a particularly ‘difficult’ client or your own personal development.

We provide supervision face to face, on the telephone or virtual conferencing.

The impact

Through coaching supervision, we give you practical and emotional support in a safe space where you can explore and be heard.


It’s an opportunity to deepen your understanding and abilities. To become more self-aware and use that self-awareness to improve, grow and learn.


Leaders define the impact they can have – and make it happen.
Space to think…


Counsellors deliver the best counselling to their clients.
Space to reflect…


Networks of professionals develop themselves and their organisations.
Space to explore…