Individual coaching

Define the impact you can have – and make it happen

What coaching gives you

Everyone is unique. We all have different values, goals and plans. At Lifetrek our coaching is tailored to your individual needs. To help you quickly and effectively make the changes you want to achieve.

At Lifetrek we give you:

  • A safe space to develop your vision and plan its implementation
  • Challenge and encouragement to reach your goals and be your best self
  • The opportunity to develop the emotional and relationship intelligence you need to implement change

What coaching gives your organisation

Coaching is a highly effective method of leadership development. Leading to fast, specific and sustainable change that improves performance and increases the effectiveness of your people.

At Lifetrek we support organisations to:

  • Develop your most important resource – your people
  • Establish a developmental and coaching culture – that retains talent and empowers your team to be their best
  • Strengthen your senior team – to raise the bar and aid succession planning

Why work with Lifetrek

At Lifetrek we help you do great things. Our coaching methods are proven, powerful and person-centred. Using flexible face-to-face and video coaching that fits around your needs.

Achieving results that are:

  • Fast Track – nurture ‘rising stars’ to make the most of their skills and rise to organisational challenges
  • New Track – support and accelerate the contribution of new team members
  • On Track – help those who are struggling to rediscover their motivation and contribution


Teams make their goals 
become reality.
Space to connect…


Coaches deliver the best coaching
to their clients.
Space to share…


Individuals plan for their next 
move in life.
Space to dream…