Team coaching

Turn your goals into reality

Helping teams do great things

True breakthroughs come through teamwork. But many teams struggle under the pressures of constant disruption and change, while being expected to maintain business as usual.

You might recognise some of the following symptoms:

  • Failing to meet objectives
  • Different views around vision and strategy
  • Ineffective use of time and resources
  • Insufficient or poor quality decisions
  • Conflict within the team or with stakeholders

Helping organisations perform and improve

The senior leadership team is the lifeblood of an organisation. Without strong leadership an organisation can struggle to determine a clear strategy, create a positive culture and lead performance and continuous improvement.

This can be especially challenging following a buyout/merger or when you are trying to find new ways of working. There are multiple transactional tasks to complete. As well as key questions to answer around purpose, roles, KPIs and stakeholder management.

If you don’t find the time for the important conversations they can easily become major issues. Team coaching helps organisations to:

  • Refocus and refresh their purpose, vision and strategy
  • Assess how a leadership team is working, within itself and with stakeholders
  • Refine roles, responsibilities and team relationships
  • Agree the organisational culture needed to achieve the strategy
  • Determine and implement the behaviour needed to succeed and grow

Why work with Lifetrek

Our team coaching is tailored to each individual organisation and can take place at Longview, just off the M4 in Wiltshire or a venue that suits you. We specialise in helping develop teams from businesses based in the M4 corridor and down to the M5. Find out more about Lifetrek.

Our approach is broadly structured around five phases:

  • Context. Your unique history, purpose, membership and issues
  • Diagnosis. A comprehensive picture of the team using tools such as stakeholder interviews and a 360° survey
  • Understand and agree. A shared understanding of where you are now and what is needed
  • Action. A specific agenda dependent on the team challenges and action plan
  • Review. Time to evaluate, make adjustments, celebrate success and plan for continuous improvement


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